Conference Room Window Treatment Products for Tampa Businesses

Eric Ramsey

It’s worth investing in the highest quality furniture and window treatments for your conference room in Tampa. After all, it’s the place where six or seven-figure deals are made or broken. It’s the room where your customers build relationships with your company. It’s where your team achieves its goals.

Your conference room won’t impress your clients or help your team do their best work if it’s too dark, too light, too echoey, or just too plain. Your office needs window treatments that build the right atmosphere for your conference room.

Things you should consider when you’re searching for the perfect conference room window treatments in Tampa are:

  • Your company’s current furnishings and style
  • How much light enters the room
  • If you need to dampen sound to keep conversations private
  • Kind of windows in the room
  • Energy efficiency needs
  • Durability

So whether you want a classy, traditional, modern, or startup look, here are 4 window treatment options you might want for your conference room in Tampa.

Plantation Shutters For Conference Rooms

Shutters are one option for covering a conference room’s windows 

Plantation shutters have large louvers which give you clean lines against your windows and are striking when viewed from the inside or outside. Our faux wood Polywood® shutters are available in three premium white paints which are infused with UV-stabilizers, which means they don’t fade or yellow over time. You can also choose to have them custom painted.

Ovation® wood shutters are available in 11 paints and 28 stains to go with any existing furniture or tables and add a cozy feel to your conference room. Install reclaimed wood shutters if you want your conference room to have a truly unique look.

You can have a divider rail added to your shutters and then adjust the bottom and top sections of the window shutters separately. This way you can block the glare on any projectors or monitors while still having light pass into the room.

Many conference rooms have huge glass windows. These windows offer a beautiful view of Tampa, but they let a lot of heat pass in and out. Polywood shutters are more energy efficient than other window treatment options. They’ll help maintain the room’s temperature and save your business money on its energy bills.

Window Film For Conference Rooms

If your conference room has large windows with sweeping views , you may want to consider window film. Window film keeps your windows uncovered while blocking out the sun’s UV rays. The film helps regulate the room’s temperature and stops the sun’s rays from overheating the space. And it reduces glare on screens and projectors, which is helpful when you’re making presentations.

Window film also helps with cash flow. Your business most likely has invested thousands into quality furniture in your conference room. Window film safeguards that investment by blocking harmful UV rays that fade your carpeting and furniture. So you get more years out of your furniture, and it looks just like new.

Shades For Conference Rooms

Gray shades covering large business window 

Shades are a popular conference room window treatment because of their versatility. You can choose from cellular, roller, soft vertical, and Roman shades. Each of these styles have dozens, if not hundreds, of patterns and colors to choose from. You can combine them with window film for additional light control.

Pull down the shades when you want to minimize glare or absorb sound during a loud conference call. Retract them when you want to see the great view outside your office and let in lots of light. Shades are elegant up or down and accentuate your other furnishings.

Blinds For Conference Rooms

Blinds covering business window that’s divided into square panes 

Luxury blinds like hardwood blinds, soft vertical blinds, and metal blinds can give your conference room the modern style you’re looking for. With over 300 unique variations in colors, style, and texture, it’s easy to find the blind that fits in with your conference room’s style and furnishings.

If you need a blind that can minimize sound, order one that’s made of a softer material. You can add options such as cordless lift systems to make adjusting the light in your conference room as simple as pushing a button.

Take Your Conference Room To The Next Level With New Window Treatments

Investing in the perfect window treatment for your conference room in Tampa is a wise business move that will pay dividends by impressing your clients, creating the right environment for your staff, and safeguarding your furniture. Whether you want plantation shutters, window film, shades, or blinds, we have the window treatments you are searching for.

If you want to learn more about which window treatment would work best for your conference room, call us at 813-580-7288 to schedule your free on-site consultation. One of our window treatment professionals will come to your office with samples and walk you through your options so you can find the perfect window treatment for your conference room. So give us a call or fill out the form below to take your conference room to the next level with a luxury window treatment.