Get Durability, Energy-Efficiency, And Style With Cellular Shades In Tampa

Cellular shades have quickly become one of the more high demand window shade choices for Tampa. Also referred to as honeycomb shades, these shades boast adjoining fabric cells that open and shut in the same way as an accordion. The result of this construction is visually appealing, timeless cellular shades in Tampa that also give you a great deal of energy efficiency.  

Lower the window shade by the bottom bar if you want to prevent light from entering the room or increase energy efficiency. Then you can just push it up to raise the shade and allow in sunlight. Even though your cellular shades are cord-free, they will stay at the height you choose. If you would like to bring in light but keep privacy, you can also choose to install your cellular shades so they open from the top.


Cellular Window Shade Choices

Celllular shades in a living room

Our honeycomb shades can be purchased in an array of colors and materials to accent your current decor. For a window treatment that diffuses sunlight into a soft glow, choose to use a sheer fabric. But if you would like a treatment that highlights your windows, there are plenty of bold selections to purchase, from bright colors to neutral colors. Cellular shades in a heavier fabric work wonderfully as a room-darkening shade in a bedroom or media room.

Why Select Cellular Shades In Tampa

Cellular shades in a sitting area

A cellular shade is even more than a nice looking treatment for your Tampa home. They are also the most efficient window treatments available for installation. Windows and doors are the biggest culprits for heat loss. But when a cellular shade is put up, it catches air within its cells and functions as a barrier between the window and the inside room. This buffer assists in maintaining your home at a constant temperature, resulting in energy savings for you.

Cellular shades in Tampa are naturally free of cords, and you simply use the bottom bar to open and close the shade. This type of shade can also feature a hands-free motorized option. And since your cell shades will be custom-fitted to the windows in your home, you can be confident they’ll fit exactly without gapping or tangling.


Our cellular shades come with a warranty against any and all manufacturing defects in material, design, workmanship, and installation. Cords and mechanisms are covered for 3 years. Fabric and any motorization is covered for 5 years.

Cellular Shade Info

Mechanism to Lift and Lower

With Cords

Free of Cords

With Motor

Lift Style

Lower Top-Down


Hardware Material

Beautiful Natural Wood

Array of Metal Finishes

Level of Opacity

From sheer to completely opaque



Bold Statement Colors

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