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Control Your Window Shades and Blinds With Motorized Shades In Tampa

Obtain a whole new level of style and control to your window treatments with motorized shades in Tampa. Easily maneuver your shades on large and hard-to-reach windows. Instantly alter the ambiance of your room by lowering all your roller shades simultaneously. You can also add a window treatment for your overly large or hard-to-reach windows that functions just as well as your standard windows.

Nearly all of Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashion's window shade styles come with motorization capability. Motorization is most common with our classic roller shades, but numerous homeowners in Tampa also utilize them with our zebra, cellular, sheer, or Roman shades. Use the remote control to raise and lower your blinds or sync them to Amazon Alexa or Google Home for automation options and voice control.  


Motorized Blinds Options

When you pick your Tampa window shade, you might have the opportunity to add motorization as the lift system. The other options for the window shade stay the same, so you can still select from multiple colors, patterns, and textures. From breezy sheer shades to solid roller shades, there's a motorized shade style for every space.

Motorized Shades Can Be Set On A Timer To Open Up


Motorized Shades Can Be Closed Via A Remote


With the remote control, you can control your blinds with perfect accuracy. You can also sync your motorized roller shades with your smart speaker and tell Alexa or Google to raise and lower your shades for you. You can also set your shades to open at a pre-set time, like when you get up -- or lower during the afternoon heat.

Why Choose Motorized Shades In Tampa

Motorized cell shades in living room

Motorized shades offer even more flexibility to your window treatments. Preventing sun glare and gaining privacy takes just the tap of a button. You can adjust each shade in your space independently or time them together to seamlessly black out a bedroom or media room. Overly large windows and hard-to-reach windows often need motorized shades if you want to have a usable window treatment that still looks breathtaking. And because you use motorization as your lift system, your shades will be cord-free and child-proof.


Motorized Shade Warranty

Motorized natural shades in reading nook

Our motorized shades adhere to the same warranty as all our window blinds in Tampa. We safeguard against all manufacturing defects in material, design, workmanship, and installation. Mechanisms are covered for 3 years. Fabric and motorization are covered for 5 years.  


Motorized Shade Details

Shades Offered







Lower top-down


Natural wood

Various metal styles


Varies by shade style


Opaque colors from earth tones to bold hues

Patterns -- gingham, floral, and more

Translucent sheer


Sunburst Shade Opacities

a variety of shade opacities

Sunburst Shutters Tampa & Window Fashions Has The Perfect Motorized Shade For You

Add the benefits of motorized shades to your house through Sunburst Shutters Tampa. We'll help you choose the perfect shade style, color, texture, and pattern that perfectly complements your style. Our professional installers will also explain all the things you can do with your motorized shades. Simply call 813-580-7288 or complete the form below.