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Get An Energy Tax Credit Of Up To $1200 With Polywood Shutters!

Now It Makes Even More Sense To Order Polywood® Shutters For Your Home

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The Federal Government has introduced an Energy Tax Credit, which provides you the chance to receive a credit up to $1200 on approved home upgrades. Having Polywood shutters installed is an easy way for Tampa homeowners to receive the 2023 energy tax credit. Polywood shutters meet the qualifications for this tax credit because they feature energy-conserving properties that insulate your home’s windows like no other window covering!

Steps For Getting The Energy Tax Credit By Installing Polywood Shutters

The Energy Tax Credit benefits residents who install qualifying energy-efficient products. Sunburst Shutters is proud to offer the only qualifying louvered shutters in Tampa. Follow these steps to earn the energy tax credit in Tampa when installing Polywood shutters:

  1. Purchase energy-efficient Polywood shutters from Sunburst Shutters Tampa in 2024.
  2. Shutters must be placed in your primary residence—not in a rental or second home.
  3. Be sure to have the Manufacturer’s Certificate when filing your 2024 taxes in 2025.
  4. You’ll enjoy a tax credit of 30% on the purchase price of your Polywood shutters, to a maximum of $1200.
  5. The credit only applies to the tax you owe. It is not a rebate. If no taxes are owed, there is no credit to be given.
Still need the 2023 certificate? It's here: 2023 Manufacturer Certificate
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White Polywood shutters on three windows in a white and blue living room

Polywood shutters were manufactured as an innovative system of insulation and have become the leading energy-efficient window treatments in Tampa. Dissimilar to every other louvered shutter, Polywood shutters come with proprietary weatherstripping to halt external temperatures that could otherwise get by your windows. Polywood’s chemically bonded finish, material density, and other features also play a role in these shutters being the most energy-efficient window treatments you are able to purchase.

Polywood thermal testing showing superior energy efficiency

Outside testing concludes that Polywood shutters block up to 30 degrees of airflow coming through a window and offer a 45.96% decrease in heat transference. They also have been shown to be up to 70% more energy-conserving than wood shutters and 1600% more efficient than traditional aluminum blinds. This sort of insulation results in sizable energy savings!

Enjoy A Tax Credit Up To $1200 With This Highly Efficient Window Treatment From Sunburst

If you’re trying to find ways to improve your house’s energy efficiency, consult with Sunburst Shutters Tampa. Our popular Polywood shutters reduce energy costs and are eligible for the 2023 Energy Tax Credit. Find out more by requesting a complimentary consultation today by placing a call to 813-580-7288 or submitting our contact form.

*Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions is not a tax advisor. All taxpayers should consult a qualified tax professional regarding their specific tax status and ability to claim the energy tax credit.