How To Clean Your Interior Shutters

Eric Ramsey
Our Guide for Tampa Residents on How to Clean Shutters

Whether you’re doing a deep clean or just tidying up before a party, cleaning your Tampa shutters is a job that you need to do, and do right. If not, you might risk permanent stains, discoloring, or damage to the material.

What’s the best way to clean shutters? That’s going to depend on the type of shutters you have in your Tampa home.

Cleaning Wood ShuttersCleaning Faux Wood Shutters

How To Clean Natural Wood Shutters

How To Clean Wood Shutters In Tampa, FL

When cleaning natural wood shutters, try to be careful not to do anything overly abrasive that could impact the wood finish or expose the wood to moisture.

You’ll want these supplies to clean your shutters:

  • A microfiber cloth

  • A soft, dry cloth

To clean the dust off of wood shutters, all that’s needed is to give the panels and louvers a quick wipe-down with a microfiber dust cloth.

For smudges or spills, try rubbing first with a dry cloth. You usually don’t want to use a damp cloth unless you have to, and even then, the less damp the cloth, the better. Only do this for smudges or spills – don’t scrub the entire shutter with the wet cloth. If you’re using a wet cloth, be sure to follow with a dry cloth. Also, don’t ever use a caustic chemical cleaner, or else you may damage the finish of the wood. 

How To Clean Faux Wood Shutters

Cleaning Polywood shutters in Tampa is simple

Cleaning your Tampa faux wood shutters like Polywood® is slightly different than cleaning real wood. In most cases, there’s no finish stain that needs to be protected, and faux wood is harder to scratch or damage.

Here’s what you’ll need to clean faux wood shutters:

  • A microfiber dust cloth

  • A slightly wet cloth

Using your dust cloth, wipe over each part of your shutters to get rid of any dust or dirt. For larger smudges or messes, wipe them down with a slightly damp cloth. As with wood shutters, stay away from any chemical compounds or any abrasive cleaners.

A slightly wet cloth is fine to use to clean faux wood shutters, but it’s usually a good idea to dry the shutter afterwards.

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Note: These directions were specifically made for products built by Sunburst shutters. For how to clean shutters from a different company, contact your installer.