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How to Use Different Window Treatments Together in Tampa Homes

February 14, 2017

For some Tampa homeowners, a single window treatment on certain windows may not be sufficient. Whether it’s to achieve a certain look, double down on blocking light and heat, or for any other reason, utilizing multiple window treatments has become a common practice.

So what are the window treatment combos that give your home the most stunning looks and top-notch window coverage? Let’s highlight some of the most popular combinations for Tampa homes.

Using Plantation Shutters with Draperies

Tampa drapes and shutters.

Plantation shutters and drapes are among the most chic and commonly-paired window treatments we usually see in Tampa homes. The reason these two go together so well is simple: they give homeowners the largest amount of freedom in looks, light control, and privacy. Plantation shutters are great for large windows, since they can maintain your privacy while still allowing a decent amount of light inside. Sometimes in large rooms, however, you may want to add a splash of color or give a little more warmth to the space–that’s where a set of drapes can help. An added drapery can offer your room some needed color, give your space a softer look, and provide a tasteful frame to your shutters.

The drapes you pair with shutters don’t need to be heavy, highly functional window coverings when paired with shutters, either. Even accent drapes on the sides of your window can fulfill the same purpose, as your shutters give your windows more than enough protection.

To see how Denise Cooper of Be My Guest with Denise uses her Polywood shutters with drapes, watch below. 

Pairing Shades with Draperies

Tampa drapes and shades 

A combination of shades and drapes can give a room an elegant look, great for bedrooms and living rooms. The unique appeal of this pairing is in the differing textures that are achievable, specifically with cellular shades or roman shades. When you can complement colors but contrast textures, you’re able to make that room feel simultaneously cozy and classy.

Window Treatments with Cornices and Valances

Tampa kitchen shutter and cornice valance

Although they’re not as frequently used as they once were, valances and cornices do still pop up in certain spaces, and can fill a great role when combined with the right partner. Like drapes do when paired with shutters, a cornice or valance is going to be your accent piece. We suggest utilizing an interesting hue above with a solid neutral window treatment, like Polywood® plantation shutters or faux-wood blinds. This type of combo works especially well in specific rooms like the kitchen, where you’d benefit from a water-resistant window treatment like Polywood.

Window Film Pairs with Anything 

Years ago, window film was just used to blacken windows, which had a drawback because it could make rooms feel a little dull and prevent you from getting a clear outside view. The window film available today doesn’t have these issues, as it can block nearly 80% of energy from the sun without impeding your view with a layer of tint.

That makes window film a great complement to any window treatment, because it can seamlessly stick to your window glass and drastically improve your window’s heat absorption. Window film does all this while allowing you total freedom in how you want to dress your window, whether you choose roman shades, plantation shutters, or another window treatment.

Could your home benefit from a new window treatment combination like one of the ones we’ve discussed? Call Sunburst Shutters Tampa at 813-580-7288 today to schedule a free in-home window design consultation to begin giving your windows the treatment they need.