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Sheer window shades on bedroom windows

Should You Choose Light Filtering Or Room Darkening Window Shades In Tampa?

May 16, 2024

When selecting window shades, you need to think about more than their looks. Window shades let you govern how much outside light is brought into your interior. The correct shades will make it easy to welcome natural light into a room or impede it almost completely. You just need to figure out what you would like. As soon as you know if you like more or less natural light, it’s easy to make a decision on room darkening or light filtering window shades in Tampa.

Light Filtering Window Shades Vs. Room Darkening Shades In Tampa

An illustration of five light filtering options for window shades

Window shades control the light in a space in several ways. Firstly, you can draw them up to permit light or lower them to block it. Motorized shades of all kinds make governing daylight levels as easy as the touch of a button! You could also select top-down/bottom-up shades that permit you to uncover the upper part of a window for daylight but keep the lower portion shielded for privacy.

The width of the shade makes a difference, too. Denser room darkening shades obstruct most daylight when closed. Light-filtering window shades let a degree of sunlight through their thin construction. Whether you select room darkening or light filtering window shades in Tampa is dependent on your specific preferences and aims for the space.

There are varous levels of opacity or light allowance. Shades vary from sheer—with no privacy and very little light hindrance—to room darkening that block practically all outdoor light.

When To Select Light Filtering Window Shades

White translucent shades on a tall living room window

Countless Tampa homeowners want to enjoy extertior light in their indoor spaces. Sunshine is a terrific source of free illumination and warmth. It will enliven a gloomy room and make you feel revitalized. You may even have a pet who loves to lie below a sun-splashed window.

Light filtering window shades let in your ideal amount of light. Their more transparent material lessens intense sun rays as they illuminate an interior. You may use light filtering shades in any room where you want natural light without having bare windows. They’re fantastic for work and play areas like a living room or kitchen. Or place them on north-looking or shaded windows that don’t get a lot of hot sunlight.

When To Use Room Darkening Window Shades

Sheer window shades on bedroom windows

It’s reasonable to pick room darkening shades in Tampa if you would like to do just that: darken a room. You might not always want outside light coming through your windows. Install room darkening shades in bedrooms to prevent light from infringing on your sleep. Or, put them in your TV room to prevent glare from impacting the screen. You could also want room darkening shades in sun-impacted rooms that easily overheat. While room darkening shades don’t stop UV rays as well as rigid window treatments like louvered shutters, they still do the job well and lend style to your windows

When To Get Both Light Filtering and Room Darkening Shades

You aren’t forced to choose between light filtering and room darkening shades. If you want both types in one space area, go for it! It’s normal to place a room darkening shade behind a more sheer shade in a single window. This layering gives you a way to achieve filtered light AND room darkening whenever you need it. And integrating these shades together gives an alluring look to your window.

Just chat with your local Sunburst Shutters window treatment professional about installing room darkening shades at the rear of a more transparent shade. Then, you may pull down whichever shade you need at the time.

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