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White polywood shutters in a dining room

Sunburst Tampa Expands Shutter Line in Bold New Ways

November 23, 2016

Sunburst Shutters has revolutionized the way Tampa homeowners approach window coverings, and we’re about to do so again with some new announcements.

Tampa dining room with shut plantation shutters. 

First, we’re announcing the newest addition to our award-winning line of plantation shuttersStudio™ Shutters! These state-of-the-art shutters give your house the perks of classic plantation shutters, at a price point as attractive as the shutters themselves.

For the second exciting announcement, Sunburst’s Polywood® Plantation Shutters are now offered in beautiful new wood stains, letting you have even greater freedom in design with Tampa’s most energy efficient and best insulating shutter. Let’s dive deeper into the new ways your house can be transformed.

Studio Shutters: Streamlined Plantation Shutters

Studio Shutters join Reclaimed Wood, Polywood, and Ovation® as the newest option among Sunburst’s plantation shutter offerings. This faux wood plantation shutter is an attractive and elegant improvement over common window coverings like shades or drapes, paired with a value-driven design for more budget-focused homeowners.

Built from an especially sturdy synthetic material and fit exactly to your windows, Studio Shutters offer the stylish look and discerning light control of classic plantation shutters, with a sleek new design that keeps value and comfort at the forefront.

Tampa plantation shutters in dining room 
Unlike the majority of budget shutters, Studio Shutters are constructed from a solid-core material, so they’re resistant to warping, chipping, or cracking. And compared to real wood shutters, Studio Shutters are totally waterproof, which means they’re a great addition to bathrooms, kitchens or any room that commonly has moisture or humidity.

See more photos of Studio Shutters and what they can do for Tampa homes!

Polywood Shutters Receive a New Look With Wood Stains

The best interior shutter continues to improve. Polywood has remained Tampa’s most chosen, best insulating shutter for years. Now we’re thrilled to give you one more reason to choose Polywood: two breathtaking new stain colors, giving you the distinctive look of wood with the unmatched benefits of a premium faux-wood shutter.

The first new wood stain for Polywood is Chestnut, a rich and vibrant light brown wood color that infuses your space with warmth, and adds color from nature.

Stained wood shutter in Tampa restroom

The second of our new Polywood stains is Dark Walnut. It’s a darker, temperate color that can work as a stunning contrast to several home designs. The dark tone acts as a solid accent for any space, and looks fantastic with either traditional or chic, contemporary designs.

Tampa sunroom with stained wood shutters. 

Our new wood stains are backed by a 3 year warranty on the color itself, along with a 10 year warranty on the shutter. Just think–all the advantages of Polywood, now in a wood stain finish, without the drawbacks of traditional wood shutters.

It’s Time To Reimagine Your House, Tampa

With the launch of Studio Shutters and colors for Polywood Shutters, there’s not a more perfect opportunity to take your interior design to the next level. Give us a call at 813-580-7288 today to see what our new shutter options can do to beautify your house.