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A dog posed in front of white Polywood shutters.

The Top Dog-Proof Window Treatments For Tampa

December 16, 2021

Puppies love gazing out the windows and snoozing in a sunbeam, but dogs can be rough on window treatments. They paw at them, bite them, and bring them down. While no treatment is completely indestructible, Polywood® shutters are the top dog-proof window treatments in Tampa. These durable interior shutters don’t crumble easily, wipe down quickly, and give each member of your family--slobbery ones too--different ways to enjoy natural light, privacy and the view outside.

Polywood Shutters Are Durable Dog-Proof Window Treatments In Tampa

White Polywood shutters in a bedroom.

Coverings like window shades, blinds, and curtains look lovely in your house, but with their softer fabrics, all it takes is a single tug from your dog to pull them down or ruin them. Polywood shutters are the best dog-proof window treatments for Tampa families, thanks to their longevity. They have dependable faux-wood panels that link to the frame surrounding your window opening and won’t hang down like curtains or drapery or snap with a small jolt like blinds. Interior shutters don’t have wands or cords for your pup to chew on or get entangled in either. Fido can bat at your shutters and rub against them all she can without breaking them. And if the mongrel chews a louver, that single louver can be removed and replaced without having to replace the entire window covering.

Polywood Shutters Allow Your Animal Look Outside

White shutters on sidelights. 

Every furry friend likes to peek outdoors, but you may not want passersby peeping in your house. Polywood shutters feature solid louvers that you can tilt open just enough to get your dog enough room to see outside without killing your privacy. Polywood shutters also work with shaped windows like arches and sidelights. If your dog scratches at the side window when deliveries come, install Polywood shutters so that he can find out if it’s a friend or stranger on your porch.

You are able to direct natural light with Polywood shutters also. If you need to make a room dim and comfortable during the hottest time of the day, but Spike enjoys lying in a sunbeam, angle the louvers down to direct your sunbeams towards the rug. Or get shutters featuring a divider rail. This option allows you open the bottom louvers for your hound and keep the top louvers shut to block harsher light.

Polywood Shutters Make Cleaning Up Pet Hair And Nose Prints A Snap

Like every household surfaces, window coverings can be covered with dog fur and dander. You can use many tricks to dust them off, but de-griming Polywood shutters is very simple. Just rub them with a dry duster or dish cloth, and they’ll remain pet dander-free. If you find muddy nose smudges or paw prints on your shutters, a damp cloth works just fine. As for wet messes, Polywood shutters are moisture-resistant. If your pooch walks in from the rain and shakes himself dry, or your curious dog salivates on your treatments, just pat them dry.

Polywood Shutters Can Be Repaired Instead Of Replaced

White polywood shutters in a small living room. 

Polywood shutters are extremely solid but not . If Fifi looks at your Polywood shutters as a bone, he might leave some marks. Luckily, Polywood shutters are straightforward to mend. Unlike a ripped window shade or broken blinds that will need to be completely replaced, you can contact Sunburst Shutters Tampa to swap out individual shutter louvers. You’ll are fine to use your Polywood shutters while you wait, and once we put in the new louver, your shutters will feel new.

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