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White plantation shutters in a kitchen.

These Are The Most Popular Window Treatments In Tampa

July 20, 2021

You can buy a vast array of window treatments currently, but a triad stand tall as the most popular window treatments in Tampa: louvered shutters, roller shades, and blinds.

If you’re looking for extraordinary window coverings that draw in lots of admiration, choose plantation shutters. For the most variety in appearance and design, use roller shades. And if you would like blinds, look for exceptional faux-wood choices.

White plantation shutters in a kitchen.

Use Captivating Faux-wood Interior Shutters To Spruce Up Your Ornamentation

Interior shutters are popular Tampa window treatments as they are unique and alluring. Everyone enjoys the striking architectural detail of interior shutters. In contrast to blinds or shades, you are able to see your shutters when you open the panels. Their hinged panels part to the left and right and accentuate your windows. Or you can angle open their louvers for a little daylight and appreciate their sleek lines in your windows. When shut, they offer industry-leading energy efficiency and privacy when you want.

Faux-wood Polywood® shutters are particularly charming. They come in multiple tried and true hues of white that compliment with any popular and trendy home decor color options. They look elegant enough for a formal dining room but are approachable enough for a kid’s nursery. Polywood shutters sustain better than nearly any other window treatments in the long run. They stay strong through anything from humidity, temperature fluctuations, termites, and UV rays, so they won’t become discolored or broken. Your friends will appreciate your Polywood shutters for decades!


Dark brown shades in a bedroom.

Roller Shades Provide The Most Freedom

Window shades are also popular window treatments in Tampa because there are different styles to pick from and options to customize them. Roller shades offer the greatest choice. Their uncomplicated, straight lines and many colors and patterns blend in seamlessly with your decor. Neutral-toned roller shades lend themselves to trendy minimalist designs, while vibrant shades offer a bold declaration.

You can opt for different materials and opacities to manipulate natural light and privacy too. You are free to brighten up a dim room with sheer roller shades or grab a half hour more of sleep in the mornings with blackout roller shades in the master bedroom. For even more possibilities, check out top-down/bottom-up roller shades that can easily be opened at the top for outdoor light and keep pulled down at the bottom for privacy.


Dark wood shutters in a foyer.

Blinds Are Commonly the Home’s Original Window Treatment

Window blinds are seem frequently thanks to their familiarity. Every homeowner has owned blinds at some period and almost every time a new house is constructed, blinds are the installed window treatment. That’s typically because of their low price point. Often blinds hang in a window for years and have issues. Many people now know the cons of low-cost blinds. That’s why Polywood faux-wood blinds have become the popular window treatments in Tampa.

If you decide to upgrade your current blinds to new blinds, Polywood blinds are more resilient in comparison to vinyl or aluminum blinds. They show high quality and endure longer too. While they might not offer some of the features of Polywood shutters or the countless customization points of roller shades, custom Polywood blinds are best when cost is the biggest concern. Blinds provide some customization. They are available in several tints. You can pick from wand and cord tilt, or cordless lift systems. And they come with valances to eliminate gaps and give a great finished look. 

Find The Most Popular Tampa Window Treatments For Your Home

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