What Does Made In The USA Mean When it Comes to Plantation Shutters in Tampa?

Eric Ramsey

When you’re in the market for home improvement products in Tampa, such as window treatments, cabinets, or decor, you will often notice the label “Made In The USA” thrown around as a selling point. Although “Made In The USA” may seem like a standard term, there are distinct requirements necessary in order to meet compliance to be characterized as such.

The FTC mandates that the term “Made in America” is to only be used on merchandise that are manufactured inside the US borders using "all or virtually all" US-based materials. That label applies to things we eat, merchandise, vehicles, and virtually all other items that are purchased both in the store and online, including “Made in the USA'' plantation shutters -- such as our popular Polywood® plantation shutters.

How Cheap Plantation Shutters Are Made

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A popular way plantation shutter producers reduce their costs is to have some of their materials assembled overseas and/or the whole shutter itself manufactured outside of the US. Non-USA built shutters are not always easily identified because not all manufacturers list their country of origin.

Many plantation shutter manufacturers claim they are “Made in the USA”, but actually, they only assemble in the USA—which does not meet the FTC’s “Made in the USA” rules. This can be tricky to interpret since many producers do not indicate where they buy their materials. Just remember, when a manufacturer gets their supplies from outside of the US and assemble them in the United States, they should not be using the “Made in the USA” designation anywhere.

Benefits Of Purchasing Items Produced In The United States

Sunburst shutters being assembled in the factory.

The main perk of buying “Made In The USA” items is that you protect American commerce. But there are additional concrete benefits, too. Custom-built merchandise in Tampa which are “Made in the USA” are known for having faster delivery times, better overall quality, and a greater degree of customization. For instance, when you purchase a Polywood® plantation shutter from Sunburst, you can get it custom-made to fit your specific window measurements in about 3 - 5 weeks compared to 8 - 12+ weeks for shutters assembled in another country!

Sunburst Plantation Shutters Are Genuinely Made In The USA Window Treatments

Faux wood plantation shutters in Tampa

Sunburst Shutters Tampa is honored to point out that our Polywood® plantation shutters are 100% made in the USA. To begin, our shutter materials are made using a recyclable solid wood composite which is extruded in Virginia. Then, the shutters are manufactured to your window’s specification in our factory in Wisconsin. Our factory uses state-of-the-art equipment to professionally custom-make your window treatments with one of the quickest turn-around times in the industry!

The final phase, the building of frames, is finished inside the warehouse at our Tampa retail location. There are no parts, pieces, extrusions, paint, or assembly work done in another country. We know that our commitment to American production is seen in the quality of our product -- and something you cannot receive with other shutter producers! We’ll even provide a lifetime guarantee on craftsmanship, paint, finish, and installation to confirm it.

Polywood was engineered to be an extremely stable faux wood material. Sunburst plantation shutters prevent spliting, chips, and warping. They are simple to maintain and will last a long time. To back up the American craftsmanship of Sunburst shutters, we offer a life long warranty on the product, the finish, and the installation.

Find Out More About Our 100% Made In The USA Plantation Shutters

If you want to find out more about Sunburst’s "Made In The USA" Polywood plantation shutters, or any of our other American made products, schedule an in-home or virtual design consultation. You can see the benefits our faux-wood shutters in Tampa can offer and we’ll measure the windows for a custom-fit. Simply call 813-580-7288 or fill out the form below.