The Best-Made Plantation Shutters In Land O' Lakes

When you’re searching for a top-notch window covering, not just anything will do. At Sunburst Shutters, we offer the highest quality plantation shutters in Land O' Lakes. Our plantation shutters are constructed to keep their beauty decades after you install them.

As a local Land O' Lakes shutter seller since 1991, we’ve worked with thousands of homeowners and beautified their windows and homes with the finest, highly rated shutters on the market. Every detail, from our distinguished craftsmanship to our professional installation is designed to provide you with the best plantation shutters in Land O' Lakes.

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The Case For Interior Shutters in Land O' Lakes

So why do Land O' Lakes homeowners pick interior shutters as their window treatment of choice? There are numerous reasons why homes in your community use shutters, no matter if the house is old, new, large, or small:
  • Looks - For more than any other reason, shutters are widespread through Land O' Lakes because they look incredible. Their solid construction and precise fit give them a feeling of timelessness, and their clean lines let them complement almost any design you could imagine. Add to that their naturally beautiful wood grain, with plenty of stain and color options to choose from.

  • Strength - Plantation shutters are built to handle anything the Land O' Lakes environment can throw at them. Whereas other window treatments may fade or warp after extended sun exposure, shutters hold strong and stay beautiful for ages. Shutters also don’t need any cords, wands, or mechanisms that can deteriorate after a short time.

  • Temperature Control - Interior shutters protect you from Land O' Lakes weather better than any other window covering on the market. With solar protection that easily beats drapes, blinds, and more – shutters help keep your home at the perfect temperature no matter what the weather is like outdoors.

Land O' Lakes’s Best Faux Wood Shutter is Polywood

For all the reasons plantation shutters have become Land O' Lakes homeowners’ preferred window treatment, Polywood® plantation shutters provide those benefits in spades.

Built from a unique solid engineered compound, Polywood shutters are totally immune to cracks or chips, and aren’t able to split or warp. They’re definitely the strongest shutter available in Land O' Lakes. What’s more, they’re totally moisture-resistant and heat-resistant, so they can weather just about anything.

Polywood shutters can be bought in an array of white and off-white shades, with available wood-color stains for a darker and richer tone. Their timeless elegance, broad louvers, and bold lines make these shutters a gorgeous part of any space, no matter the type or age.

Our unique Polywood material, with the custom weatherstripping that’s included with our shutters, makes Polywood plantation shutters by far the most energy efficient window treatment available in Land O' Lakes. Polywood shutters can prevent up to 50% of the heat loss through your windows, making for lower utility bills for you.

Not to mention, Polywood shutters are made in America.

Stunning Wood Shutters In Land O' Lakes

Bring the beauty of hardwood shutters into your house with Sunburst’s Ovation® Wood Shutters. Ovation Wood Shutters are one of the best-selling wood shutters in Land O' Lakes because of their stunning, solid furniture-grade teak wood. Real wood shutters add a natural intrigue to the window with their grain, knots, and texture. And because Ovation Shutters can be customized with more than 28 colors, you’re guaranteed to procure the ideal one for your home’s style.

If you want an even more natural look, think about our reclaimed wood shutters available in Land O' Lakes, Florida. Every shutter is made with reclaimed wood from across the country and comes with its own unique story. Whether the wood comes from an old fence, shed, or another home, it has its unique characteristics that turn it into an original piece of art that lives in your house.

Get Custom Shutters For Your Land O' Lakes Home with Sunburst

Getting custom shutters in Land O' Lakes is a breeze when you work with Sunburst Shutters. Our team is there to help you at each part of the process so that you get exactly the type of shutters you need to fit your style and budget. Here’s the process we use to get in your home:

  1. First call 813-580-7288 or complete the form at the bottom of the page to set up a free in-home design consultation with a Sunburst pro.

  2. During that consultation, our window pro will measure your windows. They’ll also go over all the options you have for shutters, and they’re also able to offer up ideas for choosing the best window coverings for your home, style, and budget.

  3. You choose your favorite window treatment and place your order.

  4. After a short while, when your shutters are built, a professional installer will return to your house to install your shutters and teach you how to operate them and take care of them.

Once it’s all said and done, you have elegant shutters without ever leaving your home or touching your windows.

Blinds, Shades and Beyond in Land O' Lakes!

Sunburst is more than just Land O' Lakes’s local shutter seller. Our window covering selection stretch as wide as your windows do, and beyond.


Land O' Lakes Blinds

Sunburst’s Polywood Blinds offer the ease and convenience of blinds with the clean looks and resilience of Polywood. Offering both faux wood and basswood packages, Polywood blinds are a step above your common metal blinds.

Land O' Lakes Shades

Offering pull-down shades, roller shades, Roman shades, honeycomb shades and more–Sunburst Shutters is your source for Land O' Lakes’s best shades. With a large variety of colors, textures, and patterns, you can find the right shades for your style and budget with Sunburst.

And that’s only the beginning - look at the Sunburst Design Idea Gallery for additional ideas, whether you want shades, blinds, or any other window covering in Land O' Lakes.

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There’s no reason to hesitate to install new shutters in your home. By working with Sunburst Shutters for your window treatments in Land O' Lakes, you’re guaranteed to get superior customer service and gorgeous, award-winning window treatments.

So call Sunburst Shutters Tampa today at 813-580-7288 or use the form below to schedule a free in-home consultation. We’re primed and ready to help homeowners in Land O' Lakes and its surrounding areas get the best shutters and window treatments for their home, style, and budget. So don’t wait. Let’s get started!