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Tampa Plantation Shutter Prices

One of our most frequently asked questions during our in-home consultation is “How much are plantation shutters?” The exact price is tricky to give when we don’t know the details about the project at hand.  For each individual quote, we will need to measure the windows, determine if extra installation is required, and know if you’re interested in additional features (like hidden tilt rods).  

Non-standard windows and frame style also can affect final prices. However, we’ve listed some basic estimates on our best-selling shutter lines.

Prices are based on a standard panel covering a 3’ x 6’ window and should help you build an approximate idea. Since all our shutters are custom-built in the USA to fit your exact dimensions, final prices can vary.

What can affect shutter prices?

No matter what style you choose, Sunburst Shutters provides beautiful, durable shutters that are custom-made to fit your individual windows. In fact, it’s the “custom-built” part that makes giving a quote on the phone a difficult task to achieve.

So, what are the factors that determine pricing?

Type of Shutter

Many plantation shutters are made with a faux-wood compound that is energy efficient, sturdy, and water resistant. Our StudioTM shutters are our lowest-priced option but come with fewer customizations than our other plantation shutters. Polywood® shutters are built from a superior faux wood material that won’t fade, warp, or chip, but has an energy-efficient insulation system and gives you different options for wood grain finishes, frames, and louver sizes. Timberland® shutters are also made of poly material but are stained to better complement your natural wood finishings. Our Ovation® shutters are handmade from solid hardwoods.

Window size and shapes

The estimates have shown showcase our pricing for 3’ x’ 6’ panels, but some windows don’t come in this “standard” size. We will measure your windows at your in-home consultation in order to get the exact dimensions of your windows, including any unique measurements or angles that need to be accounted for. It’s important to us that your shutters fit your windows seamlessly, which is why each shutter is custom-designed for your windows’ measurements -- and why each price quote is custom. We can also fit uniquely-shaped windows, like circular or rake windows, which may add some cost compared to traditional window shutters. We will also check to decide if any additional installation is needed due to wall and frame width.

Optional Benefits

A few other options that affect the final cost of shutters include options such as hidden tilt rods or special framing. Other options like louver size won’t affect the pricing.

Full, detailed quotes come after your in-home consultation

Because of your unknown variables, it is hard to give you a final price on your shutters without an in-home consultation. At the consultation our shutter expert will showcase your shutter options and take detailed measurements of all your windows so we can make sure that our shutters will be the best choice for your house -- at the perfect price. We’ll even keep your measurements on file, so you can budget room-to-room. Schedule your free consultation today by calling 813-580-7288 or filling out the form below.