Tampa Front Door & Sidelight Shutters

The tall, skinny windows on the sides of your front door are known as sidelights. And though they can let light into your entryway, let you see outside onto your front porch, and frame your entrance beautifully, it’s not a great idea to leave them uncovered.

What is a great idea is to install plantation shutters on your Tampa sidelights.


Shutters Make Sense For Front Door Sidelights

No window treatment pairs as well with sidelights than plantation shutters. Just take a look at the perks waiting for your front door.


Shutters Offer More Privacy

If a salesperson or stranger is ringing your doorbell, you probably don’t want them to be able to look through a thin drape or between your blinds. With shutters in your sidelights, you can totally block your interior from prying eyes, keeping your privacy intact. Just tilt the louvers and your home is yours again!

St. George Sidelight

Shutters Make Your Home More Comfortable

At least one member of your family probably forgets to shut the front door all the way, making your AC or heater work overtime. But you might not think as much about the heat that is lost or gained through your windows. Polywood® plantation shutters are the highest rated window treatments for energy efficiency – and can block more than half of all energy transfer through your windows! 


Shutters Are Long Lasting & Better For Families

If you live with pets or children, they probably look out of the sidelights when they see a car pull in the driveway. Mini blinds can easily be torn through by a curious pet, and you probably don’t want your curtains pushed to the side so your window can get plastered with fingerprints from the kids. Plantation shutters on your sidelights don’t need to worry about those problems, since they’re solid enough to handle even the rowdiest little ones, and the kids can look all they want without having to touch the window pane.

Vegas sidelights

Shutters Are Easier To Size

Sidelights are all different. Some are shorter than the door, some are the same size as the door, and some may not even be the same shape. So shopping for a set of blinds or curtains that exactly fits the dimensions of your windows could be a pain. But plantation shutters are custom-built for your windows, guaranteeing you a perfect fit without the headache.


Shutters Look Better In Your Foyer

Almost nothing makes a better impression in your foyer than matching your sidelights to your door. With a variety of colors available, we can easily color match to your door. And nothing compares to the handcrafted, timeless style of shutters in your entryway. While some window coverings can look gaudy or cheap, shutters guarantee timeless fashion.

Sidelight windows next to a front door

Shutters Work With All Entryway Windows

Curtains and shades both need a certain amount of space to install. If your front entryway is cramped or you don’t have enough space to the side of your window, it might be impossible to put anything up. But shutters can go on any window, no matter what.


Shutters Don’t Move Unless You Move Them

When your door opens or closes, it creates a vacuum that might cause shades and blinds to rattle, sway or even get caught in the door itself. Shutters stay put at all times, since they’re attached to the window frame.


Frequently Asked Questions About Sidelight Shutters

What kind of shutters can be installed on sidelights?

Can shutters go over the glass cutout in my door?

They sure can. If there’s a window cutout on your entryway door, we can install a custom shutter frame around it.

Do entryway shutters have to have a tilt rod?

Not in all cases. Sunburst builds plantation shutters with a “hidden tilt rod,” which means all you’ll be able to see are those classic louvers whether they’re open or closed. 

Can your shutters match the color of my door?

Sure! We offer shutters in a variety of colors and wood stains, and we can approximate just about any door style.


Find Shutters For Your Tampa Sidelights

To see how much of a difference sidelight shutters can make in your Tampa home, you don’t even have to walk out the door. Set up a free in-home consultation with Sunburst Shutters Tampa, and we’ll send an expert to your door with all your window treatment options for your foyer. Use the form below or call 813-580-7288 today to get started!